Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Can I Bring to the 72 Hour DUI Program?

PERSONAL ITEMS – soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair dryers, pajamas, robe, etc.

Hospitalization insurance or medical I.D. cards (in case of emergency).

MEDICATION - Medication prescribed by your physician, in original container(s).  No strip containers or containers that do not identify the medication.  You WILL NOT BE permitted to take medication if it is not in appropriate container.   You may bring non-prescriptions as long as they are in the correct bottles, preferably unopened.

SNACKS - Snacks and soft drinks that are unopened and in original containers or packages.

CIGARETTES - Adequate supply of cigarettes for 3 days, if you smoke.

CELL PHONES - Cell phones are permitted at the program; however, they must be left in your room during program hours. You will be allowed to make personal calls in the morning before you report to class and in the evening when class is dismissed for the day. Laptops and paging devices are also to be left in your room. If they are brought into the classroom, they will be taken from you and returned at time of dismissal.

Q) What Can't I Bring to the 72 Hour DUI Program?

No alcoholic beverages and or items containing alcohol.

Valuables or large sums of money

Mouthwash, aftershave, cologne or perfumes that contain alcohol.

Open packs of cigarettes (if open, they will be taken until you leave).

Gambling devices, games, cards, dice, etc.

Radios, TV's, modems that require an outside telephone line.

Dangerous or deadly weapons such as knives, scissors, etc.

Q) Can I Pay at the ACCESS DUI Program?

PAYMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UPON ARRIVAL AT PROGRAM!!!   In order for your spot to be reserved, payment and registration form must be completed  You will receive an email confirmation, once payment and registration form have been received.   If space is not available we will contact you by phone.  We operate on a first paid first served basis.

Q) What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you must cancel for any reason, cancellation must be made 10 business days prior to the program to avoid a $175.00 rescheduling fee. Permission to reschedule must first be made with the courts. WE MUST HAVE PROPER DOCUMENTATION FROM COURTS, VERBAL OR MEMO GRANTING PERMISSION.

Q) Are my meals included?

All meals are provided (breakfast, lunch and dinner), except for Thursday evening.  It is advised that you have your evening meal before arriving.  NO ROOM SERVICE OR ORDERING OUT IS PERMITTED DURING ANYTIME!

You may bring snacks and beverages that are unopened and in original containers or packages.

**  Box lunches may be available on Thursday evenings to puchase from the hotel.


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